RFTS provides prospective parents with individual support about labour, birth and parenting

Sessions can be packaged or be on an hourly basis

RFTS is insured therefore a rebate may be claimable through your Health Fund

Childbirth Class

1Individual needs will be addressed to promote positive childbirth experiences.

  • Onset of labour and when to come to hospital
  • Role of support person using natural resources to assist mum with the birthing process
  • Medical forms of pain relief
  • Unexpected outcomes. Assisted birth and caesarean birth
  • Immediate care of mother and baby

Postnatal Class

2Postnatal class is to provide positive guidelines and support for.

  • Newborn babies needs
  • Understanding newborns feeding patterns
  • Understanding baby sleep patterns and cycles/techniques
  • Transition to parenting
  • Resources in the community

Parenting Class

3Skills will be encouraged to build confidence in caring for the growing baby.

  • Sleep and settling patterns for the growing baby
  • Lactation/feeding issues
  • Growth and development stages, introduction of solids/ toileting