Read some feedback from my clients

Leanne and Baby Benji (2015)

I called upon Sue to help with my second son who was 14 weeks old. I had major settling issues and lack of routine which was beginning to cause chaos in our family life.

Sue coached me through settling the baby in his bed, and helped me to implement a routine to fit in with the existing family, which no text book or website can do.

I was given the guidance, support and confidence I needed to take control of the situation. Myself and the baby were ready for the change which made it much easier than I had anticipated and feared. Sue's help has been life changing for our family.

We had ongoing support to keep us on track until everything was going smoothly, and I called upon Sue numerous times after her home visit with questions or just for reassurance that I was doing the right thing.

Sue is very knowledgable, and has a beautiful personality. I really couldn't recommend her more highly and would just say to other parents - don't delay in reaching out!

Nicole and Mark

We loved that our antenatal class was held in the privacy and comfort of our own home and at a time that was convenient to us.

The session was focused on our needs and Sue happily answered all the questions that we had as first time parents-to-be.

Sue’s knowledge, experience, and personal approach made us feel calm, confident and prepared for labour. We would highly recommend her to anyone preparing for childbirth!

Shane and Lorraine

Sue assisted us with both pre-natal classes and post-natal care for our first child.

Sue was extremely helpful and delivered concise pre-natal information to us in the comfort of our own home – preventing us from having to attend weeks of classes.

Sue was available whenever I called with a question and I would highly recommend her services to anyone with a baby or preparing to have a baby.

Jen and Luca

Sue was a life saver for me. She helped me in the early days after leaving hospital to get established with breast feeding.

I really appreciated her help because it was so practical and caring. I’ve subsequently reverted to sue for all my baby questions turning to her for moral support as well as practical advice.

When the messages from others are confusing sue has been my single point of call. I have happily recommended her to friends of mine and would do so again
…..and that’s all true.

Will and Jacquie

Our experience was unplanned and it is Sue we have to thank for helping us through it. Living in the country we decided to have our first child in Sydney.   At 32 weeks we had our interview with the midwife at the hospital, this been Sue.  Sue was a lovely, professional and a friendly person.

After our appointment we then went for the routine check-up with the obstetrician to reveal, our baby could arrive any day.  Mixed emotions overcame us, wow, we are not prepared yet, and it’s too early.  Decisions were made very quickly and it was decided that I stay in Sydney to await the pending arrival.

Ante-natal classes were organised back where we live and as I was no longer going home, we were suddenly feeling much unprepared.  We rang Sue and said help, baby arriving any day, we need to know what to expect.  Sue fitted us in on a weekend and we had Sue’s crash course in birth.  No pretty pictures were created, but Sue gave us the run down we needed.  For me, not knowing the full picture was probably a good thing; however doing ante-natal classes prepares you for the unknown for every woman giving birth for the first time.

Our little bundle of joy arrived 5 weeks later; therefore the mad rush wasn’t needed.  From that point our relationship with Sue hasn’t ceased.  I have continued to phone and see Sue about various issues that have arisen with our son.  Through tears and laughter, through those tiny little moments and the big ones, Sue has always been just a phone call away ensuring you with her caring and knowledgeable nature.  Advice isn’t so readily available where we live, so to have someone like Sue was wonderful.

My son is now two and half years old and I still call and see Sue for professional advice.  Although out of all of this, most of all we have gained a beautiful friendship, and we are forever grateful for everything she has done for us.

Patricia and Hamish

When we first met with Sue I had made such a mess of my breastfeeding that I had to express every 3 hours and feed my baby with a bottle. My nipples were cracked and bleeding terribly and the nurse from the early childhood centre had told me they were in such a bad state that I needed to pump and rest them for 7 days otherwise I was heading for a very bad case of mastitis.  This is when we called Sue.

Sue was amazing and managed to get me back to breastfeeding properly, avoiding mastitis on the way.  I was pretty scared about the whole breastfeeding thing especially after my disastrous start – I just wanted to last 6 weeks – that was my goal!  Sue provided me with the support, encouragement and knowledge on all the different aspects of breastfeeding.  Without her I definitely would not be breastfeeding right now (11 months).  She was very supportive through all my tears and kept encouraging me to keep going.

The other valuable thing that she gave us was the tools to know when and how to get the baby to sleep – teaching us about all the different cries and different settling routines plus she taught us about tummy time and baby massage – she was amazing.  She was also always contactable within a couple of hours if you ever needed to speak to her – she helped us through his first cold and trip to the hospital.

I cannot recommend Sue highly enough – you will be doing yourself a big favor if you see her early on so you get a really good start with your breastfeeding.

Hayley and Matt

I used Sue for both prenatal classes and postnatal support. I preferred the one on one prenatal class because they were personal and informative.

Sue made us feel very comfortable and much more confident in preparing for childbirth.
When my daughter Sienna was born we found it all a bit daunting.

We assumed she was so unsettled because she had colic. After a few stressful weeks we called Sue to come out and give us some advice. She spent two hours with us showing us settling techniques and helping us to understand our baby’s signs, from that point on we realised Sienna didn’t have colic, and she was just a tired baby who needed help getting to sleep.

Sue helped us develop settling techniques and a routine which made our lives so much easier and helped me become a more confident and capable Mother. I swear by her!

Ruanne and David

Getting in touch with Sue was by far the best and most valuable decision we made.

We were both so impressed with Sue when we had our antenatal class at home.  It was fantastic to be able to have the class in a relaxed setting in our home with the information specifically tailored to what we wanted and needed to know.

We then contacted Sue after our baby was born and she was so helpful and supportive as we got to know our son and learn about what he needed from us.

We have referred Sue to a number of our friends and family and will continue to do so as we have nothing but the highest praise for her.

Carolyn and Michael

Sue has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Before Grace was born, Sue came to our home to give us a private birthing and parenting course.

She happily modified the material to suit our individual needs and parenting choices, and it felt more like a chat than a course. We were able to get all of our questions answered and felt particularly at ease being one-on-one with Sue.

As a new mum, I struggled with breast-feeding and called on Sue for help. I will be forever grateful for her calming influence and reassuring words. Sue got me back on track and taught me the essentials of breastfeeding and settling. Her help didn't end when she left - she called to check in with me and established a relationship which continues today.

Sue gave me confidence in my own abilities and instincts as a new mum. We are all very lucky to have her!